Saturday, January 5, 2008

Montreal and Vermont

I am feeling wiped, my weekend thus far has been filled with family issues that have left me feeling too drained for socializing. So, I am settling in with some Naro movies and the hat I am working on-my first hat to crochet so far btw. I have only had to start over three times, not too bad for a first time project!

Here are a couple of pics from Montreal and Vermont, again my camera has been pretty lame lately so I only got a couple of decent shots, nothing like the great pics we took in Montreal last year. The snowy pics are in Montreal, as well as the gothic building. We had a great dinner at and stayed at our favorite hotel, Le Saint Sulpice. Also, after three years of marriage, gs and I decided to buy wedding bands at METO Bastien-Tremblay Jewelers in Montreal. Happy Anniversary to us!

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