Friday, August 3, 2007

Taking a turn for the better

Happy Friday to you! The picture here seems to be getting a little better. I got word from some former co-workers that TN is checking my references. TN told me on Monday that they would be checking the references of their top two candidates. So, my odds are improving! It looks like I will be moving into our new apartment next week, as soon as I get the ok from the rental company. So gs will probably be on his way down some time next week, he turned everything over to a real estate agent this morning.

Thanks again for all the encouraging emails, calls, prayers, wishes, and overall hospitality. I hope things will continue to look up next week. I will be done with my class by Monday, and hope to have a few carefree days before I start work again.

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Colleen said...

Everything crossed that things continue to look up for you guys. Moves are hard enough without all of this crap too.