Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thanks and Thanks

Thanks to B for going apartment hunting with me today, and watching me eat a huge piece of chocolate banana cake. More on the apartment when it's a done deal, I never know these days.

I am kind of in a holding pattern right now, I am waiting to hear about the apartment, the possible job, finding new buyers, and having gs here in Virginia with me. I think I have something in common with my little friend Sprocket. Suzy's vet suggested she get a little backpack for Sprocket, so that she would be more cooperative on walks, because Sprocket is the kind of dog who needs a job, or a mission. Sure enough, Sprocket proudly carries keys and wallets on her walks. I think I also need a job, or a mission, just waiting for things to happen is so hard for me.

My mission today, aside from apartment hunting that is, was to finish a thank-you note from my interview yesterday. It only took me four tries, and a walk to the post office.

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suzystel said...

haha yay! Sprocket did truly look so proud to be packing our keys around for the day, no? hehe

good news on the apartment. :)