Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ins and Outs

Monday was my last day of school for the year. The last month was more of a whirl wind than school in Vermont was, mostly because of SOL testing. The last day of school was especially good for me, as I was officially offered the transition specialist job starting next year. While being back in the classroom this year was a good refresher for me, I miss being a specialist. Getting this promotion makes the past year worth it to me. Taking the case manager job felt like a step back after being a specialist for three years, but now I realize it was the path that led me to this new job. Ok, enough cheese.

We are leaving for Vermont on Friday, going for a week. B is going along with us for the ride, we are going to drop her off in Albany to see her new nephew. We are going to visit friends and family, but our main reason for going is that I will be taking a week long graduate class at the Univ of Vermont. They are letting me finish my Certificate of Advanced Study that I started while in Vermont. So, I have to go back this summer and next to take grad classes.

I plan to get a new camera before we leave, as you know my current camera sucks and I hate it. Any suggestions on a good camera would be appreciated.

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