Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chilling with Mommy Spice at the Masonic Lodge

Had fun today at the craft show, though a lot of my pics didn't turn out because I did not have my flash on. C and I had a brief heart attack at the dinosaur table, as we were both dinosaur lovers as children, we each found our favorite respective dinosaurs, anklyosaurus for C and Brontosaurus for me, from Poeia. Got to see Twittering Bird's owls, and nobs and nativity sets from Supadupa. I also got a necklace from Kootchicoo. I even ran into a few fellow faculty members that I had told about the event.

After the fair, C and I went to the new Peruvian place in Ghent, Inca's. We soon discovered that we should have ordered what the table next to us got, but C was brave enough to eat her entire plate of Cerveche. The plantains were excellent.

Off to hear my favorite DJ...

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