Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I should have been gellin'

Sarcastic tone aside, today actually went pretty well. I miss having my own office, and my own program, but I continue to like the faculty and staff I am working with. The admin team runs a tight ship, I can tell that right away. We had students for the first time today, so far they have been friendly and fairly well behaved. Surprising considering the issues many of my students have. The school runs on AB days, so I will have a new crop of kids in my classes tomorrow , I hope they are similar to the kids I had today.

I will be working constantly for about a month before I get my head above water, which is sure better than being unemployed!

I bought some gel inserts for my shoes this afternoon, I came home today with bloody swollen feet, a la' amy winehouse without the cut up arms. Better luck tomorrow feet!

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